Automatic Toll Tax

Project code:- E23 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs.13000/- USD:- 330$

Automatic Toll Tax

Automatic toll tax project is designed ,using atmel 89c51 microcontroller & descreate componants. Heart of the project is an ir transmitter and receiver modules ,these strong powerfull modules transmits 38khz strong ir beam, has a range of more than 15 feets are sufficiently enough for our project. I have designed this project as a simple emplementation of the toll collection process automatically in a model form.

Automatic Toll Tax Block Diagram Automatic Toll Tax Block Diagram

Automatic Toll Tax Representation Automatic Toll Tax Block Representation

Project Video

This should not be considered as a real toll collection system which require much more considerations , tests and huge amount of money, before they are actually put into use.
However this project gives enough guidelines for the actual dvelopment of the toll collection system. For the sake of simplicity , we have to make coin box exactly same as used in pco coin box machine fixed on railway station or else whare. We have to make two coin size holes one for one rupee, and other for five rupee coin. You have to fixup coin sensors on these holes, one sensor should be fixed for five rupee coin and one sensor for one rupee coin.
Operation of the coin sensor is as follows
1) When no coin is incerted light emitting diodes throws light on ldr and its resistance remains low
2) When coin is inserted,the resistance of the ldr becomes high and transister(q1 or q2) get enough biasing voltage and becomes ON ,there output at collector becomes low. As the coin is dropped in,,the out put of the collector again goes high,
3) Output of these transisters are connected to p2.5 and p2.7 pin of the microcontroller and low pulse is detected by the microcontroller whenever the coin is dropperd
This low pulse detection is considered as coin has been dropped.
In real emplementation, this type of sensors cannot be used ,more sensitive equipments such as coin changers,or currency emaging machines shuld be employed . Some of them you will find on railway stations or out side temples.

Port 1 is connected with the 2 line 16 character lcd. lcd is used in nibble mode
Port 0 is used as output port used for gate motor and indication leds
Ic 3 api 89021 is one time programmable (otp) speech ic where our message is stored. It is addressable ic so required message can be played.
Ic4 Lm 386 is used as audio amplifire ic to drive the speaker
Ic1 7805 is regulator ic gives 5v regulated power supply to the entire circuit.
Ir transmittrs are mounted on a pole at different heights matching to the heights of small and heavy vehicles. Similarly receivers are mounted on the other side of the road at the corresponding heights of transmitters.One pair of transmitter and receivers are to be mounted across the road afrer 15/20 feet of the toll station. Please see the video for
Arrangements of transmitter and receiver arrangements.

Operation: when heavy veichel passes the output of hvrx receiver becomes low and makes the p2.1 pin low microcontroller understand that heavy veichel is passed, p3.7 will go high which will trigger the pin no 10 of ic api 89021 and sound ‘pl enter 5 rs coin’ will come out through pin no 7 of the ic and is connected to c10 vr2 volume control and to

the pin no 3 of ic lm386. Audio can be heard through speaker. At the same time p0.2 will also go high and led ld3 rs 5 indication will come on
when the user inserts rs 5 coin, p2.7 pin will get low going pulse and rs 5 indication led will go off, also the sound will stop and gate motor will operate in the open p0.0.
When the veichele passes through outer sensor area out put of outrx will give low pulse at p2.3 and gate will close by p0.1 The circuit is ready for the next operation. Similarly when small veichele croses, lvrs will get activated and p2.2 will get low going pulse and p3.6 will become high and make pin no 11 of api89021 will go high ind sound will come’ pl enter one rs coin’ also ld2 ,one rupee coin will become on by p0.3 .other operation are similar .

Lcd keeps the counter of heavy and small veichles Circuit operates on 12v ac supply given at ac input point pcon 1. 9 v one amp. Transformer is connected to pcon1 bridge rectifire circuit d1-d4 ,c1 ic 7805 gives the regulated power supply. Ic5 connected on port 0. 74LS 245 is used as buffer ic to make the output current strong q3,q4,q5 and q2 transister operates the relay circuit to drives the motor .Motor runs in one direction for opening the gate and in opposite direction for closing the gate.

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