Highway Speed Sensing & Automatic Breaking System

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Every year ,we find more and more road accidents due to increased traffic on the roads, and if you see the statistics ,you will find that the causalities are more every year than that of 1970 Indo -Pak war. Experts says, increased motorist population, long working hours, stressful life, are the major cause. The factors are beyond one’s control , but if we could alert the driver on the highway,could save the many presicious lives.

Recieiver Block diagram

Highway Speed Sensing & automatic Breaking System

Transmitter Block diagram

Highway Speed Sensing & automatic Breaking System

I am not going to explain very complex solution for this,neither I claim to be an expert traffic controller . If we could fix up some sort of transmitter system on the highways which can detect the speed of the vehicle and convey to the driver that he is not in the permitted speed limit in the particular area or he is in a no horn area, or even further , if the automatic breaking system could be actuated on over speed.

As a prototype I have designed a transmitter and a receiver system . Receiver will be kept in the vehicles and transmitters would be installed on the road. I have not used any speed sensing device, instead four switches.which could be operated by traffic Cops, limit 80, limit40,limit20 and no horn area, are provided . when ever these switches are pressed, they will transmit the corresponding alert message to the driver .

Receiver section will have an 2X16 lcd, which will display the alert message ,and a relay circuit having three relays. One relay to sound alarm to driver. One relay for the auto breaking circuit . and one relay to disable horn in the no horn area.

Transmitter circuit:
Transmitter consists of a microcontroller and 433mhz transmitter module .capacitor c1 and r2 gives the reset pulse to microcontroller reset pinX1 along with two 33 pf capacitor gives required the clock pulse to microcontroller.

Receiver circuit:
Receiver consists of a microcontroller ic2 and 2×16 lcd device for display purpose. Capacitor c3 and r2 gives the required reset pulse to the reset pin1 of the microcontroller. Alternatively a reset switch is also provided to mannaually reset the microcontroller. Capacitor c4,c5 along with the cryctal x1 gives the clock pulses to microcontroller ,this serially received data is displayed on the lcd.

Alarm switch connected to p1.0 pn 13 will Data transmitted from the transmitter is received by the 433mhz receiver and output from this receiver is connected to pin 2 of the microcontroller ic2.this serially received data is displayed on the lcd. Alarm switch connected to p1.0 pn 13 will switch off the alarm relay. Pin7,8&9 of the microcontroller controls the operaton of the relay.

These three relays are alarm relay,break relay and no horn relay. Transster Q4 and Q5 are drvers for relay K3, a break relay. Whenever speed limit is above 80 km/hour break relay will be operated and break relay will operate and break will be applied. When ever the vehicle is in no horn zone , no horn relay’normally close contact will open and driver will be prohibited to sound horn. Whenever vehicle receives any warning signal on his lcd a alarm will also sound which will be operated by the sound relay. Driver has a option to switch off the alarm after he see the alarm message on the lcd.

Limit 80,Limit 40, Limit 20 and Nohorn are the four keys conneted to mcrocontroller pin 67,8,9. one side of the keys is connected to ground, so whenever any key is pressed , that particular pin of the microcontroller will become low and microcontroller will will detect key press. If no key is pressed all these pins will stay high.

Corresponding messages are stored into microcontroller rom area . Microcontroller will read the corresponding message fron the ron area and shift out serially from the pin number 3 of the microcontroller.

data shifted out serially at the rate of 300bits per second. Output data fron the pin 3 of the icrocontroller is connected to the data in pin 2 of the 433mhx transmitter . the transmitter will transmit this data to air. Entire circuit is driven by 9v battery ic 1 is 5 v regulator which gives regulated 5v dc required for microcontroller and 433mhx trensmitter module. Ld1 gives the visual indication whenever any key is pressed.


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