Power Saver

Project code:- E51 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs.10000/- USD:- 255$

Power Saver

We are facing an acute shortage of electrical power these days, every now and then there is a power cut in some part of our city . If we could save some power from our house, it could be utilized some where else, it could be a good contribution towards national development process.

You must have observed in your house that many times we forget to switch off lights and fans while leaving our rooms in hurry.These small things are neglected mostly by childrens and students, and has been observed by all of us in our day to day life.This gave me a thought to design a project through we could save electricity by switching OFF the fans when nobody is in the room or during day time the LIGHTS should remain OFF. This could be achieved automatically by using this project

Power Saver Block diagram
Power Saver Block Diagram

Operation: A pair of 38khz transmitter and a receive is fixed before the entry of the room across the entry and another pair is fixed inside the room just after the door across the enty points. In block diagram these are shown as TX1 RX1 AND TX2 RX2,Transmitters are operated by 2 AA size 1.5v batteries. Receivers are directly connected to the microcontroller board. Each receiver has three connection wires RED wire is for +5v power supply BLACK wire is for –ve and YELLOW wire is for out put of the receiver.These all wires should be connected to the respective connecter on to the microcontroller board otherwise you will damage the receiver part .Normally the output of the IR receiver remains HIGH when the beam is present you can check it with the multimeter between –ve and yellow wire terminal that is between black and yellow wire terminal. It should always be HIGH(+5v) when IR beam is present and there is no obstruction. Any one passing through the beam will obstruct the beam that will generate Low going pulse as the person passes by. You. Can check Low Voltage between black and yellow wire terminals.

Note : many time it is observerd that you donot chect the transmitter battery weather it is properly connected or not. many times I have found that battery was dead.and since student donot have the multimeter could not check the battery voltage. Please check that 3v dc is always available at the trnsmitter terminals ie red and black wire.If the voltage is still not available the possible fault could be rusty spring or bad contacts. or bad battery. Battery should be removed when it is not in use.

Microcontroller maintains a counter inside. . Please note that these counter will only work properly with single entry. If two peoples are coming together will be considred as single entry. Counters is automatically increased or decreased on entry or exit sensors and result is displayed on seven segment leds.Till the time ,counter value is non zero fan will remain ON inside the room Also the lights will come ON during night time or during low visibility time.

The light circuit is operated by a light sensing circuit operated by a LDR (light dependent resister.)

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