Automatic Maintainence Reminder for diesel Engines

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Automatic Maintainence Reminder for diesel Engines

Many places in the world , equipment maintenance is normally carried out on
Breackdown of the equipment. Not before No breakdown preventive maintenance are carried out in time.Even maintenance is done by choice or optinonal And others are by calculation that are done manually and not in technical way And some are reminded by professional and sometimes not done at all because it has escaped one or two people.

Automatic Maintainence Reminder for diesel Engines Block Diagram Automatic Maintainence Reminder for diesel Engines Block Diagram

This project will prove to be a n useful piece of equipment in order to carry out breakdown preventive maintenance.
Periodic preventive maintenance canot be done without keeping a watch on to the running hours of the engine . this can only be achieved by using a realtime clock into the circuit, which can keep the account of engine running .

We have used the on board timer0 by programming to acheve the clock function. This clock ony runs when engine is running other wise it dose not advance. An engine starting information must be fed to microcontroller in order to start the clock . Most of the engines have techo generator connected,output of the techo-generator should be used in such a way that it energises the relay and the, active close contacts can be used to signal the microcontroller to start the clock function. When engine stops, techo generator output will become zero,
Relay circuit will de-energise and normally close contact will open and micontroller clock function will halt.

Automatic Maintainence Reminder for diesel Engines in Realtime Automatic Maintainence Reminder for diesel Engines in Realtime

Two line by 16 character lcd has been used for indication purpose. When the engine is at halt, lcd will show previously engine driven period in hours and in minutes.When engine is running, clock running (red)led will blink (one sec off, one sec on) that indicate that internal clock has started, also the lcd will be updated by the program , you can see the minutes and hours being advanced.

Most of the engines are connected with the various safety devices . Fuel ,lubrication oil, cooling water and air, these must be filtered before fed to engine. they should be fed at a proper pressure as described in the engine operating manual.
With the prolong use ,these filter need to be cleaned, as the filter get clogged the pressure will start falling. Safety device connected with the particular filter and pressure switch will raise an alarm whenever any of these parameters rises abive or below the noral operating range. All of these sensors has a relay circuit to sound an alarm bell or to give a signal to the external devices.

In our project we have four of thse input points . Input from the various sensors will come to these points These are oil sensor ,fuel sensor, air sensor and viscocity sensor. As I have explained before when ever any sensor get actuated,

it enerzises a relay which makes the contacts which are connected to external alarm circuit With this project, in the class room, you can just short these input terminal points with the piece of wire in order to actuate the alarm circuit.
Oil viccocity is the property of the oil it changes with the temperature and use . it should also be within the range as specified in the operating manual of the engine. It matter most in the hydraulic equipments ,increase in viscocity lowers the performance of the engine.

Indication panel has five leds to indicate the various alarming conditions along with the sound buzzer.
Power supply section supplies regulated 5v dc to micro-controller and other circuit and 12v supply for the shut down relay.

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