Automatic Railway Gate

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Automatic Railway Gate

We read news papers very often about the railway accidents happening at un attanded railway gates. Present project is designed to avoid such accidents if emplemented in spirit.

Automatic Railway Gate Presentation Automatic Railway Gate presentation

this project utilises two powerful ir transmitter and two receivers ,one pair of transmitter and receiver is fixed at up side (from the train comes) at a level higher than human beeing in exact alignment and similarly other pair is fixed at down side of the train direction sensor activation time is so adjusted by calculating the time taken at a certain speed to cross at least one compartment of standard minimum size of the indian railway. I have considered 5 seconds for this project sensors are fixed at 1000 miters on both sides of the gate we call fore side sensor pair for commong towards gate train and aft sidesensors for the train just crosse the gate when foreside receiver get activated, gate motor is turned on in one direction and gate is closed and stay closed till train crosses the gate and reaches aft side sensors when aftside receiver get activated motor turns in opposite direction and gate opens and motor stops . Buzzer will immidiately sound at the fore side receiver activation and gate will close after 5 seconds so giving time to drivers to clear gate area in order to avoid trapping between gate. And stop sound after the train has crossed. Two other indications are provided for station master to know the status of gate in case the gate is not closed due to any reason a red signalling light fixed well before gate is enough to alarm the train driver to stop the train . The project is simple emplementation and subject to further improvement. Based on atmel 89c51 microcontroller.

Automatic Railway Gate Block Diagram Automatic Railway Gate Block Diagram

Circuit explanation: we have used two pairs of strong ir transmitter and receiver pairs one for the up trains and other for down trains. Transmitters and receivers are connected across the railway track on both sides for up trains and down trains. Transmitters are driven by dc 3v power supply and contineusly transmits 36khz ir beam . Receiver for the down trains is connected on p3.3 and receiver for the up trains is connected on p3.5 .in normal case receiver output always remains high during no train condition.

Open gate indication led is connected on p1.7
Close gate indication led is connected on p1.6
Blinking led is connected on p1.5 ,p1.4 & p1.3 port pins they will blink during train operation other wise stays off. Two are connected on the both side of the gate ,one of them can be connected in the station master,s office.
Buzzer is connected on p1.0
Rl1 is a relay to open gate connected on p1.1
Rl2 is the relay to close gate connected on p1.2
we assume that the gate is initially open. Two blink led’s are to be fixed on both side of the gate ,third led is for station master,s cabin.

Complete circuit diagram of the rail gate
When ever train comes from any side the ir receiver will sense the obstruction in beam and its out put will become low.we wait for five seconds to make sure that it is train only(this is the time required to cross atleast engine).
P1.0 becomes high and buzzer starts
10 seconds delay is given so that traffic dose not get trapped in side the gate.
Gate starts closing slowly as p1.2 gives closing pulse to rl2 relay
Open gate led connected to p1.7 is off and close gate led is on
Blinking led remains blinking
After 10 seconds buzzer is also off. But blinking remains
After some time blinking also stops

Now the microcontroller waits for the train to cross other side receiver, when its output becomes low , the gate will open
Gate close led will become off and gate open led will glow.

The process will repeate when the train comes from opposite direction.

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