Intelligent Spy Robot Ver-02

Project code:- E2 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 12000/- USD:- 300$

Intelligent Spy Robot

This is a improved version of my previous robot which I designed rears ago.
Intelligent spy robo project has been designed for the spying purpose .it is radio controlled and can be operated at a radial distance of 50 yards. Many time our army jawan need to venture into the enemy area just to track their activities. Which is often a very risky job, it may cost precious life.

Intelligent Spy Robot Block Diagram Intelligent Spy Robot block diagram

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Such dangerous job could be done using small spy robo all the developed and advance nations are in the process of making combat robo design, a robo who can fight against enemy. Our robo us just a step towards similar activity.

This robo is radio operated , self powered , and has all the controls like a normal car. A laser gun has been installed on it so that it can fire on enemy remotely when required, this is not possible until a wireless camera is installed. Wireless camera will send real time video and audio signals which could be seen on a remote monitor and action can be taken accordingly. Being in size small, will not be tracked by enemy on his radar. It can silently enter into enemy canopy or tent and send us all the information through its’ tiny camera eyes. It can also be used for suicide attack, if required.

Heart of our robo is intel’most power family of microcontroller 8051,we are using at89c2051 Two microcontrollers ic2 is first microcontroller which acts as master controller ,decodes all the commands received from the transmitter and give commands to slave microcontroller ic3. Slave microcontroller is responsible for executing all the commands received from the master and also generating pwm pulses for the speed control . Ic4 is ld293 motor driver ic which drives two nos motors m1 and m2.
Two no bumper switch are added bmp 1 and bmp2 so that in case of accident our battery dose not drains out. both the motors will stop instantly and after few swcond robo will move in opposite direction take turn to left or right direction and stops and stop .
Circuit operation:

RF433-RX is 433mhz radio receiver which receives the transmitted coded from the remote place these codes are converted to digital format and out put is available to the pin no 2 of the ic2 master microcontroller, this is the rx pin of inbuilt uart of the microcontroller. We are using uart to receive our codes at 1200 boud rate.. Based on the input codes master will give command to slave microcontroller and robo will behave as follows.

a. moves in forward direction
b. moves in reverse direction,
c. speed controls in both the direction
d. it can even turn left or right while moving forward or in reverse direction.
e. Instent reverse or forward running without stopping
f. In case of bump,moves reverse turn left or right and wail for the next instruction .
g. On the spot left or right turn to pass through the nerrow space
h. We have also added head light, back light.and turing lights to left a right .

These lights automatically comes on while robo is in movement. Laser gun can be fired at any time irrespective of robo stopped or moving. Bmp1 and bmp2 (forward and fterward)bumpers are connected to pin no 6 of the ic2 when ever this pin becomes low robo will stop instantly and will move few steps in reverse direction turn left or right and stops.

Pin no 11,12,13,15.16 and 17 of the master microcontroller are connected to the slave microcontroller ic3 to give the following pulses to the slave microcontroller
2. Increase speed
3. Increase speed
4. Direction change
5. Turn left

6. Turn right
Slave microcontroller ic3 pins 15,16,17,18,19 are connected to ic4 motor driver ic, pin17 of the slave gives the pulse width modulation pulse which is connected to pin 1 and 9 of ic4 this is en pin of ic 4
Pin 18 and 19 controlls one motor m1 and pin 15 and 16 of the slave controller controls the m2 motor.

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