Intelligent Traffic Controller

Project code:- E60 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 9000/- USD:- 240$

Intelligent Traffic Controller
You must have seen during night hours and on holydays when there is hardly any traffic, so it is not required to to hold the people on the traffic signals and keep them waiting till the signal becomes green , so during those houres you will find orange lights are blinking at a slow rate that is an indication that traffic signals are not on and you can can use your senses to drive safely without stopping on any signals.

Intelligent Traffic Controller Block DiagramIntelligent Traffic Controller

During working hours and peak hours traffic need to be controlled in order to avoid jams and accidents in hurry , because nobody has time to wait resuting in jam and accidents.An automatic intelligent traffic controller is a solution to such circumstances.

This controller not only controls the traffic in a sequential manner by giving equal time to all the sides but also prevents pollution on the signals .

When red signals are turned to green and vehicle are started , engine emits lot of black smoke that is much concern to all of us, standing near to signals or staying near to signals , to avoid this we have planned to start an exhaust fan which is fixed below the roads with certain arrangements on the all sides of crossing to suck the black smoke right away and leave it on to high enough into sky.we may not be able to remove all the smoke front the road but at least we can reduce it to certain extent.

Project presented here is based on world’s most popular 8051 family of microcontroller,atmel 89c2051.

port 3 is used as input port where switche and IR sensors are connected. Port 1 is used as output port for all indication purposes ic 74245 drives all relays and indication leds.
On power on you will find all the orange leds are blinking at a very slow rate.
When start switch is pressed the controller comes into function and red- green- yellow sequence is started for double sided road. Our controller is not one side controlletr it s double sided controller as shown in the diagram.

Two nubers strong IR sensors (transmitters and receiver pair )are installed on the red signals. If the ir beam get interrupted when the red signals is on it is assumed that the vehicle is on the road when red signals are clear and green signals are on ,an exhaust fan below the road is started in order to clear the accumulated smoke on the road another common exhaust fan will through into high the crossoing on the road remains smoke free and pollution less.

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