IR Controlled Buggie / Robot

Project code:- E35 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 7500/- USD:- 200$

IR Controlled Buggie / Robot

This robot is controlled using commercially available 90 channel t.v. remote control which is used in our houses. Philip’s RC5 standard protocol has been used to rceive the codes in micro controller . Microcontroller at 89c2051 is used as receiver and decoder . These codes are used to drive our robot in FWD ,REV, LEFT OR RIGHT direcions.

IR Controlled Buggie / Robot Block Diagram IR Controlled Buggie / Robot Block Diagram

Heart of our robo is intel’most power family of microcontroller 8051,we are using ic, at89c2051microcontroller. ic U1 is 7805 5v voltage regulator. , IC U3 is LD293 motor driver ic which drives two nos motors M1 and M2..

Circuit Explaintion:
Resistance R1 and capacitor C1 connected to pin 1 of the microcontroller forms the reset circuit for the microcontroller .Capacitor C2 and C3 along with the crystal X1 gives the required clock pulse to the microcontroller . 11.059mhz crystal has been used..LD1 will glow when the robot moves in the forward (ahead) direction it also confirms the communication between microcontroller and the ir remote control.

If this dosenot glow then you muct check for the reset circuit and crystal circuit on the micro controllers.TSOP1738 IR Receiver has been used here.PR^^ SW on the remote control is used to move the robot in forward direction.

PRvv SW is used to move the robot in the reverse direction .VOL >> SW is used to move the robot in RIGHT direction and VOL<< SW is used to drive the robot in LEFT direction. MINU switch is used to stop the robot. Other switches we have not used since they are not required in our application. Resistance R3 limits the current flowing through the I.R.sensor receiver. Capacitor C7 and C8 connected to the TSOP1738 IR sensor are filer and noice suppressors. Capacitor c4 is used as filter capacitor.

Pin 19 and 18 of the microcontroller controls the motor M1 and pin 15 and 16 of the microcontroller controls the motor M2 pin 17 of the microcontroller is enable EN pin which enables both the motors to turn ON ,has to stay high in order to turn the motors in any directions When one of the pin becomes high and other pin becomes low motor will turn in one direction reversing the polarity of pin motor will turn other direction .

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