Panic ID / Call Logger

Project code:- E33 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 7000/- USD:- 175$

Panic ID / Call Logger

My purpose of designing of this project is to make people accountable. You call up any public office , most of the time, people are not available on phone or they totally ignore it.
You must have seen an english movie, where a vilian is behind a person ,the person is runing here and there to protect himeself and finally reaches a public telephone booth, , makes a call to police, by the time he could speak any word, the vilian comes behind and stabs him or shoots him and you see the phone drops down from his hand and a pool of blood is shown, What heppend next ,you find that police arrives in time and he is taken to hospital ,his life is saved.

Panic ID / Call Logger Block Diagram Panic ID / Call Logger Block Diagram

How dose the police know that the panic call came from which location.?

The concept is very simple every police station has complete data base of all the telephone numbers along with the complete details of the owner ,the movement any calls comes to police station, they get complete details of that phone number, so even you are not able to speak to him ,he will call back to you and if not responded, he will emmidately inform the nearest police on petrol about the call. Thet is how the police in most of the advanced country functions.
I will take one more case ,about few year back Mumbai ,s leading MTNL company which provides land line telephone service. If your telephone goes bad or any other problem with your line, the complaint department used to write your complaint manually,the telephones used to remain dead for many days. If you wanted same day service, just bribe the line man he will do it same day. This was my experience may be yours too. See now a days every call is logged on the computer and complaint number is also generated your phone get repaired on the first day of your complaint y because, the data logged on computer can be seen by any senior official. and every one of them are accountable now .

Then is project is most suitable for these types of applications

The project is based on intel’s most popular 8051 family of microcontroller.At 89c2051
Microcontroller has been used in this project. The said controller has two ports port1 and port 3 , & are quite sufficient for our project. 2×16 two line 16 character lcd has been used for display purpose. Also the telephone number is logged on pc. The device could be connected any where between telephone exchange and the telephone line you want to monitor/logged.This device dose not consume any power from the telephone line . Device will silently send the all the in and out calls numbers to PC. In PC you can compute the data and can be used for the various purpose including I mentioned above.

Construction: Solder all the parts provided in the kit properly. First connect the jumper wires(links) before you solder the ic sockets. Donot solder ics directly on the circuit board , it may damage the ic since you my not be experianced soldering person. So solder the ic sockets first on the circuit board. Solder smaller components first like resistance and disk capacitors, assemble the complete kit one by one. Please make sure that there are no short circuits left on to the circuit board. The is operated by 9V battery. Now connect the battery to the connector provided, and plug to the the socket connected the circuit board. Check the voltage at the output of the regulator. It should be perfactly 5v dc. Small power indication led will LD1 will also come on .Check the voltage at the power supply pins of all the sockets mounted on circuit board it should be 5v dc. c. Now if all the voltages are ok then place all the ics in their sockets , Now connect the telephone line to the telephone connector k1 and

other end to the parallel line of the telephone socket..After telephone line is connected there should be 52v to 55v dc on to telephone line. Connect RS 232 cable to one end of the circuit board and other end to the pc.. Switch on the power supply to the device.
Now make any call from out side to this telephone line . you will find that incoming call number appears on the lcd and also it is sent to pc. Similarly when you make call from this line it appears on the lcd and also sent to pc com port . we donot provide any pc software for this project we have tested it on hyperterminal . Hyperterminal is the part of window operating system and is available with all the operating system. How to connect to hyper terminal is given below
Follow these steps to connect to your pc
New connection window will open enter the name as panicid and press ok

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