Smart Buggie / Robot

Project code:- E5 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 8500/- USD:- 230$

Smart buggie / robot Side view

My young buggie has now become smart, it has become independent, moves around the house at it’s own, carry out some useful tasks.. I am using it to extinguish the fire, in case if it detects. Two nos IR sensors are used for obsticle detection to guide the buggie in the correct direction.

Smart robot / buggie Block Diagram Smart robot / buggie Block Diagram

Flame sensor is used to detect the fire in case fire is detected, it will stop and start the high speed fan to extinguish the fire. Practically speaking real fire cannot be extinguished by air as it will aggrivate the fire instead of extinguishing. But since it is a project we have used five candals fixed inside a close compartment and video was produced and found that it does it’s job.

Heart of our robo is intel’most power family of microcontroller 8051,we are using at89c2051microcontroller.IC2 . IC3 is LD293 motor driver ic which drives two nos motors M1 and M2.. Ic1 is 7805 5v regulator IC4 is 4011 nand gate.

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Circuit operation:
We have fixed two in nos INFRA RED sensors on the left and right side of the buggie.facing both of them outward as shown about The principle of sensors is that infra red light will get reflected with the hard surface encountered from the left, right or fore side due to wall or any obstacles. If you look at the circuit diagram of one of the obsticle sensor.

The IR diode D1, are infra red leds and D4 is photo diodes. Reflected IR beam will fall on the photodiode . The transmitter IR l.e.ds. is connected in series with SR (SENSOR RESISTOR) that limits the current to 40mA. This is near the maximum for the l.e.d., producing a high level of illumination.

The radiation reflected back from the surface is detected by IR photodiodes D4 these are reverse-biased so only a weak leakage current flows.The current passes through a high resistance R9, plus preset Potentiometers(VR1,VR2,).

There are Three such sensors, each comprising an infra-red (IR) l.e.d. and an infrared photo diode. The l.e.d. is directed out wards the surface over which the vehicle is traveling in the direction of movement.. ALL the sensors works same way.

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