Wireless Security System

Project code:- E17 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 10000/- USD:- 250$

Wireless Security System Receiver Transmitter

Wireless Security System

Wireless Security System Receiver

Wireless Security System Receiver Block Diagram

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Securty is a matter of great concern to all of us in this world.
Normally there are four types of security threat to our property.
1 )from thief, an inturder.
2) from fire, so we use fire sensor.
3) water spilage /over flow, flooding, so we use water sensor.
4) gas leak , we use gas sensor, whenever there is security breach from one of above or any combination of above.

Wireless Security System Receiver Block Diagram Wireless Security System Receiver Block Diagram

Wireless Security System Transmitter Block Diagram Wireless Security System Transmitter Block Diagram

This project consists of two parts transmitter and receiver. We monitor all these parameters remotely All the sensors are connected at the transmitter section. whenever any sensor is actuated buzzer is sounded locally as well as indication led will also blink.

At the same time sensor code is transmittrd to air through 433mhz transmitter. The receiver part consists of a lcd buzzer and indication leds. Whenever any code is received by the receiver emergency message is displayed on the lcd along with buzzer and respective led indication .

Also there is a provision to log this data on to ibm pc computer through com port.

Transmitter circuit: Heart of the transmitter circuit is At89c2051 (ic2) microcontroller and 433mhz transmitter module. Capacitor c3 and r2 gives the required reset pulse to microcontroller. Capacitor c4 and c5 along with crystal x1 gives the required clock to microcontroller .

ic3 is a buffer ic which drives all the indication leds and buzzer.the microcontroller has two ports port3 and port1 by default all the port pin logic is high after reset. All the indication leds are connected in common cathode mode so initially all the leds will stay off.

Buzzer is driven by transister Q2 ,is a npn transister. to silence the buzzer we have to make pin 14 of the microcontroller to logic low. And to sound the buzzer we have to make the 14 to high logic. All the sensors are connected to pin 6,7,8 and 9. all the sensors have active low out put, that means whenever any sensor get actuated its out put will become low and when ever microcontroller detect low logic on these pins.
It will take the following actions.

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