Young Robot / Buggie

Project code:- E4 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 5000/- USD:- 125$

Young robot / buggie

The young buggie is designed for various applications . This buggie is radio controlled have complete function like car.With the remote control you can send the buggie where humen entry is not possible. Places like neuclear radiation effected area ,dangerous gas effected area, between narrow spaces, reactor inspection.

Young Robot / Buggie Block Diagram Young Robot / Buggie Block Diagram

And many more place
This can be used as
1.Spy robot (if camera is installed on it)
2. Fire fighting
3.Spray painting
5.Pesticide spraying
6.Gas leakage detection
8.Metel detection
9. Mine sweeping
10.Sample collection and many more…….
You need to install the required apparatus on this buggie to do your job.
This buggie is a carrying vehicle, which could be remotely controlled as required by you.
through 433mhz radio remote control.

Heart of our robo is intel’most power family of microcontroller 8051,we are using at89c2051microcontroller.ic U2, IC U3 is 74LS245 Transreceiver ic we are using as a buffer hete between the microcontroller and driver ic U4.

We could have directly connected the microcontroller to the driver,but to be more safe on microcontroller I used buffer.if anything goes wrong to the driver side microcontroller remain safe. IC u4 is ld293 motor driver ic which drives two nos motors m1 and m2.. IC U1 is 5v regulator.

Circuit operation:
RF433-RX is 433mhz radio receiver which receives the transmitted coded from the remote place these codes are converted to digital format and out put is available to the pin no 2 of the ic u1 this is the rx pin of inbuilt uart of the microcontroller.

We are using uart to receive our codes at 1200 boud rate.. Based on the input codes robo will move in forward direction , reverse direction, it can even turn left or right while moving forward or in reverse direction.

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