Bilge oil Water

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Bilge oil Water Separator

It is mandatory for all the vessels operating at sea to have this plant on board,failed to do so, attracts huge penalty even capital punishment internationally.
There is often spillage of water and oil in the engine room bilges and require evacuation or draining out when the bilges are full.

Bilge Oil Water Separator Block Diagram Bilge Oil Water Separator Block Diagram

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Ships are not supposed to pump out oil overboard, is internationally banned,havy panality is emposed if done so,since this spoils enviornment and life at sea both for human and water animals.

Project presented here is based on world’s most popular 8051 family of microcontroller,atmel 89c2051.port 3 is used as input port where switches and all three sensors are connected. Port 1 is used as output port for all indication purposes ic 74245 drives all relays and buzzer circuit.

Operation: the plant operates in two modes , mannual mode and auto mode.

Manual mode:- whenever engineer on watch observe that water in the bilges is full can start the plant with pressing start push connected on port p3.0 . Spdt relay k3 will energise and pump motor will start.same time ,spdt relay k1 will also energise and open solenoid valve a,which is an overboard valve and water will be thrown overboard.

Sample of this water is send to oil sensor . Due to pumping out process , level of bilge water will gradually go down and oil will remain, since sample of this is also sent to oil sensor .the oil sensor remains inactive till the time water is flowing .

The movment it senses oil its out put connected to p3.3 will go low and solenoid k1 will close and solenoid k2 will open and all the oil will go to waste oil tank at the same time buzzer will also sound for one minute so that deck officer on duty can see that there is no oil spillage overboard.

Since the plant is working in mannual mode, an engineer on watch in engine room have to keep mointoring the bilge level and is supposed to stop the pump mannually by pressing stop push connected to p3.0.

Auto mode :- in outo- mode ,two level sensors keep moniroring the level whenever bilge level comes up the plants starts and the remaining process is same as mannual mode, and when the bilge level comes down the plants stops. Auto mode is switched on by pressing auto mode switch connected to p3.2.

Oil sensor works on optometric principal ,when there is water flowing through the oil sensor clear light falls from ld2 to ldr1 its resistance remains low and transister t1 remains in cut off state and p1.4 remains high. The movment oil enter into sensor, the light intensity falling on ldr reduces and transister ti conducts collector voltage falls low and p3.4 becomes low. Vr1 preset is to adjust the sensivity of oil water Ratio.

Water sensor transister gets base voltage through water when both probes are immersed in water, transister base gets voltage and it conducts collector voltage falls low, and respective port pin becomes low.

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