Computer controlled intelligent Robot

Project code:- E58 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 10000/- USD:- 250$

Computer controlled intelligent Robot Block Diagram Computer controlled intelligent Robot Block Diagram

This project is designed for the computer science students who want to control the robot using com port. Unique features of the project are.

1. Speed and direction of the robot could be controlled using pwm technique.
2. The robot should be able to sense the temperature of the compartment where it is working and it should be able to send the temperature to pc where it can be logged continuously.
3. we (the pc) should have the complete control over robot.
4. In case if the temperature goes beyond the set value, the robo should come out of the compartment.
5. In case if the robot is asked to start the fire fighting , it should do so.

These are the few features of the hardware we have designed the same hardware could well be used for the following purposes .
1. Fire fighting robot
2. Sweeping robot
3. Drilling robot
4. Spray painting robot
5. inscect killing robot
6. fumigation robot 7. Spy robot 8.Treasure hunter and many more………..

Block diagram:
Circuit explanation: As shown this projects contains following sections
1. Micro-controller , is the heart of the project.
2. H-bridge is the motor driver circuit
3. Analog to digital converter with pt-100 sensor.
4. RS-232 circuit for data communucation with pc.
5. Relay circuit for various functions
6. Power supply section to feed various sections

Capacitor c7, and r2 gives rhe required reset pulse to microcontroller.
Capacitor c8,c9 along with crystal x1 gives the clock to microcontroller.
We have used Atmel 89c51 microcontroller .this has four ports.after reset logic status of all the ports except port0 is high. Port0 is an open drain port and we are using it for data reading from analog to digital converter adc0804 ,single channel 8 bit adc.
Pwm pulses are available from p2.0 and p2.1 pins. This microcontroller also has inbuilt UART (Universal asyschronous, sysnhronous receiver transmitter.)commonly known as serial port. Pin10 is RXD pin and pin11 is TXD pin of this pins these two pins are used for serial communication from ibm pc. Serial port of the microcontroller is initialized to 2400 bits per seconds, commonly known as boud rate,at this boud rate we communicates to pc. IBM pc can use the following codes to communicates with the microcontroller.
1.’T’ Capital ‘tee’ whenever pc sends this code to microcontroller, the microcontroller will send the current temperature in asc hex format .e.g. 20hex should be treated as 32 degree decimal.
2. ‘R’ Capital R . whenever microconroller receives thic code it will switch on relay if the relay was previously in off condition. On startup the rely stays off. We have used 12v dc

relay which has a contact rating of 7 ampere at 250 volts. Transitster Q7 & Q8 drives the relay coil. Port p1.4 pin drives the relay circuit. On powerup Transister Q7 is in on condition since it’s base is at high logic and transister Q8 is off since it’s base will be at low logic so the relay will stay off. Two switch on the relay we have to make the logic status of the pi.4 to low, Transister Q7will become off and Q8 will get the logic high at it’s base through resistor r20,will come on energizing relay K1. It’s normally open contacts will change over to close condition and various process can be switched on by using these contacts. Sending again ‘R’ to relay will switch off the relay . this is toggle action. Pc software writer must maintain the flag in his program in order to keppthe track on the relay condition.

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