Eight channel Data logger

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Eight channel Data logger

Eight channel datalogger is designed using atmel AT89c51 Microcontroller and eight channel ADC0809 .
This logger not only shows the converted data on two line lcd in real time but also sends the data to P.C. for logging purpose.

Value shown on the lcd are in ascii hex format.Similarly data sent to pc com port is also in ascii hex format ie 00h to ffh. This data logger can be used at any place where regular data monitoring is required.Further data can be viewed in graph mode or in bar mode,.if you know how to design that type of software in c, c++ or visual basic.alternatively you can see the data in hyperterminal available in all the computers provided by Microsoft.

The complete circuit is devided in two sections Transmitter section and receiver section.
Transmitter section as shown in above figure.Transmitter section comprises of the following blocks (shown on next page)

Circuit description : Diodes D1 toD4 form a bridge rectifier circuit along with capacitors C1 to C3 filter capacitor provides required power supply. Regulator ic1 7805 gives the regulated 5v supply to entire circuit..
Capacitor C4and resistor R2 gives the required reset pulse to microcontroller. Capicitor C5 and C6 along with crystal x1 gives the required clock pulse to microcontroller.

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