* Micro-controller based 4 digit timing module

Project code:- E55 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 2500/- USD:- 75$

Micro-controller based 4 digit timing module

1.A simple photographic timer
2.stopwatch with pause fuction.
3.A programmable down timer (99hrs59min)
4.programmable down timer (99min59 seconds)
kit comes with option 4 ,if you want other function please let us know.

Micro-controller based 4 digit timing module Block Diagram  Block Diagram

Main features: 4digit 7segment led display and a open collector output which can be used to operate, relay or buzzer or what ever you want at the end of timing period.
There are three inputs to the circuit. reset ,start and pause .Reset input is for hardware reset.
all inputs are pulled high, or may be pulled low by switched or relays, by the open collector transister Q7. Two switches are also connected along with the start and stop of the inputs. so that you can test the basic function of the module.all the inputs and outputs are connected to 10pin header connector.

Programming: On power up timer will display 0000. two switches sw1 and sw2 are used to program the time.. programming of the timer is done one digit at a time startin left most digit. digit under set will blink . sw1 is used to set and sw2 is used ti increase the digit form 0 to 9. after all the digits are set pressing sw1 again will start the timer.
Reset pin is used to stop the timer.
Operating modes: ther are four operating modes.:

Mode1 : Timer stop, hold output(default).The timer stops when it reaches zero and out pin goes low and stays low till reset pin is triggered.

Mode2: Output goes low and stays low for two seconds after that old timing values are loaded again and timer starts again.for example if you set 10 sec time. so every 10 second 2 second low going output pulse will come and timer will reload the 10 second value and continew again.

Mode3: Auto reset pulse output ,when the timer reaches zero,the output pulse will go low for 20ms and the timer resets itself to the preprogrammed value. press start to start it again.

Mode4: Timer over run : output pulse low for 20ms. and timer will rollover to 9999 . reset and program it again.

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