Solar Tracker

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Solar Tracker

An alternative source of energy is rapidly gaining importance as there is shortage of electrical power generated in India. At the educational level, it is therefore important for the engineering students to understand the technologies involved with the alternative source of energy.

One of the most popular alternative source is SOLAR ENERGY.This project has been designed for the electrical/electronic engineering students, to built a solar panel traker system,or you can call sun tracking solar panel .
Solar trcking enables more energy to be generated because the solar panel is able to maintain a perpendicular profile to the sun at all the time.
This project module has been designed for the classroom demonstration, where a torch is used to point to the sensor to show the operation. So the student can show the working demonstration. But based on the same model, any size of trcker could be designed based on the individual requirement.

There are three ways to improve the efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV)

• First is to increse the efficiency of the solar cell.
• Second is to maximize the energy conversion from the solar panel
This can be explained this way, at no load solar panel develop maximum voltage with no current,while under the short circuit condition, it supplies maximum current with no voltage. In both cases power generated is V x I which is zero. We must develop is system which can supply maximum power demand.
• Third method to increase the efficiency of a pv system is to employ a solar panel tracking system. As the sun moves across the sky during the day,it is advantageous to have the solar panel to track the location of the sun. This will tend to maximize the amount of power radiated by the sun. With the use of tracking syatem , we can increase the power out put by over 30% to 60%.
When tracking the sun , it is noted that the direction of the sun,as seen from the solar panel will vary in two direction
The azimuth angle is the horizontal direction from the observer to the sun. There is also an altitude angle, representing the vertical directin from the observer to the sun. More effective solar panel should have two axis of rotayion
Here in this project we are focused on one axis solar tracking system
• This system will track the sun during day light hours
• It is done with the active control not with timed out movements.
• Every night, the tracker comes back to the start position and wait for the sunrise
• The tracker used dc motor for the movement, and not the stepper motor as many people use.
• Control system is operated by 89C2051 microcontroller.
• To be cont..

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