Telephone Controlled Switched With Voice

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Telephone Controlled Switched With Voice

The mentioned project is based on the world,s most powerful intel controller can switch on/off devices using your mobile phone or land line phone Eight loads can be connected to the eight relays.
Application: this prject could be used for various purpose where you want to control devices remotely.

Telephone Controlled Switched With Voice Block Diagram Telephone Controlled Switched With Voice Block Diagram

Project video - Part 1

Project video - Part 2

Suppose you own a partnership company with three or more partners,your business require you to travel frequently. You have a server in your office And nobody else other than the partners , should operate this server. At the same time you donot want to keep your server always on.

In that case this device comes to your service . Only requirement for this device is a parallel telephone connection.and ofcourse power supply. You can switch ON this server by dialing your office telephone number from any where in the world . The device is password protected.

User can change the password . After eight rings you will hear ‘please enter your password.’ When you enter the password. If your password is correct then device will further respond otherwise without giving any further response device will disconnect you.if you number is correct you will receive these message So if you press 1 you will listen ‘please enter the channel number’ press * 1 1 &1,you get message ‘requested channel is on’ or 1&0, ‘requested channel is off’. Press 1&2 to know the status of previusly on or off channels similarly with all the eight channels same combinations are applies Mode 2 is password change mode where you can change the password.
Now pressing ‘*&2’ you can change the password and device will respond like this please enter your password and your password has been changed.
B) This was one example of this device similarly this could be used to control or switch on any auomatic process control machionary . Electric grid could be controlled remotely. Or outomatic production machionery could be controlled even during odd hours with your mobile phone.
The circuit contents the following blocks:-
1.Ring detector circuit comprises of bridge rectifire d5-d8 and opto coupler ic5 mct2e
2. Watch dog timer comprising of ic6 7400 and ic7 ic 4047
3. Dtmf decoder ic8 8870

4. off-hook circuit relay RL1 and transformer tr1, c17 ,r24 and r10
5. Microcontroller circuit, the central processor 89c51
6. Speech circuit IC3, P89021 where all the messages are stored
7. Amplifire circuit ic IC4, LM386
8. Load controller where relay boards will be connected
9. Power supplay circuit IC1, 7805,bridge rectifires d1-d4
Capacitor c1 and c2

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