8051 Based Electronic Eye

Project code:- E15 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 9500/- USD:- 250$

8051 Based Electronic Eye

This project is based on high sensitive IR Transmitter & Receiver having range of more than 15 feet. When you are away for your house any if anyone tries to enter the house by any means the device shouts CHOR-CHOR-CHOR-PAKDO-PAKDO-PAKDO Continuously more than 40 seconds, that is enough to chase the thief, he will run away so your house is protected. The device not only shouts but also dials out previously stored telephone number ( which you have stored) and gives you the message CHOR- CHOR- CHOR. So that you understand that something is wrong at your house, you can immediately call up your neighbor to look after your house.

8051 Based Electronic Eye Block Diagram 8051 Based Electronic Eye Block Diagram

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Working Description of Electronic Eye with Dial-Up
1. Keep the transmitter & receiver aligned in a straight position facing each other about a distance more than 2 meter but not less than that.

2. Connect the two 1.5v cells inside the bobbin of transmitter module properly.

3. Connect the telephone line to telephone line input of the circuit.

4. Connect the mains cord to 230v AC of your supply & switch on the supply.

5. When you switch on the supply if the circuit initially plays any alarming message only press the reset switch to make the message off.

6. The message will reset only after completing the total message when you have pressed the reset switch SW1.

7. If the message is continuously playing after the reset switch has been pressed means that the transmitter (TX) & receiver (RX) is not properly aligned or it is being obstructed.

8. Switch on the power supply if no message is played first step is to store the telephone number of the concerned person.

9. To store the telephone number press the off hook switch SW2. Dial the telephone number by the keypad.

10. By doing that the green LED on the PCB will be glowing showing that the telephone number has been dialed.

11. Wait for 5 to 6 seconds after dialing out the telephone number then take off the hand from the off hook switch means that your number has been stored.

12. After that obstruct the beam created between infrared receiver (RX) & transmitter (TX) immediately after that you hear the alarming message (chor chor ….) through the speaker.

13. At the same time it will dial out the telephone number which has been stored.

14. You can hear the same alarming message through telephone line for 30 seconds.

15. The message will be stopped for 30 seconds & again after 30 seconds you can hear the same message through telephone line till no one is resetting the circuit.

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