Electronic Eye with event logging on PC

Project code:- E16 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs. 11000/- USD:- 280$

electronic eye with event logging

This project is same as electronic eye and also logs an event of the action, Time stamp can be put on the event .by pc timer .Microcontroller sends the data through inbuilt UART through rs 232 converter.

electronic eye with event logging Block Diagram electronic eye with event logging Block Diagram

This project is based on high sensitive IR Transmitter & Receiver having range of more than 15 feet. When you are away for your house any if anyone tries to enter the house by any means the device shouts CHOR-CHOR-CHOR-PAKDO-PAKDO-PAKDO Continuously more than 40 seconds, that is enough to chase the thief, he will run away so your house is protected. The device not only shouts but also dials out previously stored telephone number ( which you have stored) and gives you the message CHOR- CHOR- CHOR. So that you understand that something is wrong at your house, you can immediately call up your neighbor to look after your house.

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