GSM/GPRS based panic switch

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GSM/GPRS based panic switch

Eight March is International Women’s Day. We celebrate this day every year since 1975 when United Nations has declared this day as International Women’s Day This year’s theme is, “Equality for women is progress for all.” But what does this day mean for India’s women?
Sexual violence against women in India is widespread throughout the country. Following the tragic Delhi gang rape episode in December 2012, New Delhi, . It is reported that a woman is raped every 18 hours.
March 8th is an important day in the calendar, but it is rendered meaningless by the grim reality that India is still a state where the rights of women remain vastly unequal; where institutions work to assist those who have money and influence, but remain utterly impervious to the misery of millions of women.

GSM/GPRS based panic switch System Block DiagramGSM/GPRS based panic switch Block Diagram

The police, for example, have generally shown disinterest or insensitivity towards the security of women in the country. A 23-year-old IT professional, from Mumbai, was kidnapped from a busy train station and then raped and murdered. The police refused to register her case for several days and her body was found much later, mostly through the efforts of her own family.

As someone has well said that ” Preventing and eliminating violence against women requires leadership and political will backed by action and resources”. This is exactly what India must do. Only then our country will have a true cause to celebrate International Women’s Day.
But till then should we wait and watch ? No
As an electronic engineer I thought of designing a women, companion in distress named as Panic key.On a single KEY PRESS WILL SEND THE DISTRESS ALERT ALONG WITH THE LOCATION to the near and dear one. And if timely actions are taken ,many misfortune could be avoided.

My this project is prototype ,This could be designed in small size and light weight something like mobile phones so that carrying is not the problem .
It has only single key once pressed, it will send the distress message along with it’s location some thing like t his .
This project gives location details by sending s.m.s .through GSM modem. This SMS contains longitude and latitude of the location. Microcontroller is the central heart of this project.

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