GSM/GPRS based shutter opener/closer System

Project code:-E78 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs.7500/- USD:- 230$

GSM/GPRS based shutter opener/closer System

As the name suggest, now you can open or close your shop ,office or garage shutter by a simple miss call from mobile phone. It will only accept the call from the authorized User and not from anybody else. User can register his mobile number first time into GSM modem SIM by giving a miss call to the SIM number placed inside the GSM modem. Thereafter it will only listen to that number. User can change the registration at any time with ease. By simply connecting a jumper and calling from new number.

GSM/GPRS based shutter opener/closer System Block DiagramGSM/GPRS based shutter opener/closer System Block Diagram

The project presented here is based on world’s most powerful Intel’s mcs-51 family of microcontroller Atmel AT89c20511.,since this controller has only two ports are more than enough for our project Application area:
Any place where shutter is used

This device has the following blocks
1. GSM modem Sim 300 or Sim900 or any similar
2. Microcontroller circuit the central processor 89c2051 IC2
3. IC5 MAX 232 for RS232 level conversion
4. Driver circuit where 2 relays where two ON /OFF RELAYS will be connected.
5. Power supply circuit IC1 7805, Capacitor C1 , C2 and C3.
6. Upper and lower limit circuit , an op-to isolator for motor stop when the operation is over

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