GSM/GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

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GSM/GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

As shown this projects contains following sections
1. Micro-controller AT89C2051 , is the heart of the project.
2. 2 line 16 character lcd for display
3. RS-232 section
4. DB9 connector for gsm and gps modem connection
5. Indication led
6. GPS modem
7. GSM modem SIM300 or similar
In the said project, we can track the location of our Vehicle anywhere in the world. This project gives location details about vehicle by sending s.m.s .through GSM modem. This SMS contains longitude and latitude of the location. Microcontroller is the central heart of this project

GSM/GPS based Vehicle Tracking System Block DiagramGSM/GPS based Vehicle Tracking System Block Diagram

Microcontroller gets the coordinates from GPS modem and then it sends this information to the user in Text format giving direct link on google map on even your mobile phone. You simply click on the link and it will
take you to the vehicle location on the Google map or even in your browser it will be something like this

This Project it is designed on an embedded system which is used for tracking and positioning of any vehicle by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM).
GPS based Vehicle tracking system is required in many situations, when you need to track the vehicle or the convoy of vehicles ,it could be theft or highjack case.
In GPS tracking system the location of vehicle is sent to remote place and it is done by GSM modem. Global Positioning System (GPS) modem requires minimum 3 satellites to calculate the exact location. This modem communicates only in one way with microcontroller. This means that it can only transmit data to microcontroller. GPS Modem does not receive any data from microcontroller. At the same time GPS modem does not send data to Satellite, it only receives signal from satellites.

For emergency the user can press the Button to send the Location to the number stored.

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