GSM/GPS based Car Security & tracking System

Project code:-E83 Project Cost:- INR:- Rs.15000/- USD:- 380$

GSM/GPS based Car Security & tracking System

This is the hybrid system which combines the full features of a car alarm and the GPS tracking system. Once this system is installed on the vehicle (any vehicle) or fleet of vehicle ,the vehicle can be monitored even on your smart phone screen .In this project car cannot be started until a call comes from the owner. Ignition and other control power from battery will only be available to the car once it receives the miscall from the owner. Other wise car will remain in immobilized and Armed state. Once it recognize it’s owner. It will allow door power so that it can be open, Ignition power , so that it can be started, and AC power so that AC can be so that AC can be switched ON. So far it is with the owner, it will remain in Drive state, Once ignition is stopped, it will give 20 seconds to owner to alight the car and again go into immobilized and Armed state. During Armed will monitor the door dock, ignition switch, Panic switch or even some robber break the door and try to remove the stereo system, or try to start the car,it wont start instead it will send emergency sms along with gps parameters.

GSM/GPS based Car Security & tracking System Block DiagramGSM/GPS based Car Security & tracking System Block Diagram

This Project it is designed on an embedded system which is used for
Security monitoring and tracking of any vehicle by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM).
GPS based Vehicle tracking system is required in many situations, when you need to track the vehicle or the convoy of vehicles ,it could be theft or highjack case.

In GPS tracking system the location of vehicle is sent to remote place and it is done by GSM modem. Global Positioning System (GPS) modem requires minimum 3 satellites to calculate the exact location. This modem communicates only in one way with microcontroller. This means that it can only transmit data to microcontroller. GPS Modem does not receive any data from microcontroller. At the same time GPS modem does not send data to Satellite, it only receives signal from satellites.

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